Former Japanese Governor to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Former Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa

Toshiro Ozawa: retired Japanese diplomat with academic and think tank experience. While serving as Ambassador to the International Organizations in Vienna (2012-2014), became the Japanese Governor to the Board of Governors of IAEA, President of HCOC (2013-2014) and President of CTBTO Preparatory Commission (2014). Served as Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of South Africa (2008-2012), accredited also to Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. Served as Ambassador (Deputy PR) to the United Nations (2003-2006) when Japan was campaigning for and later serving in the Security Council and pushing for Security Council reform.

In Tokyo, served as Executive Director of Japan’s International Peace Cooperation Headquarters (2006-2008), responsible for dispatch of PKO and other overseas peace missions. Earlier experience in the Foreign Ministry include security and economic relations with North America and with East Asia in general, and also international law.

From 1999 to 2001, while being seconded to the JIIA (The Japan Institute of International Affairs) and becoming its Acting Director, served as the Executive Director of CSCAP Japan and PECC Japan. During this time, engaged proactively in second track dialogues worldwide, and taught at Kyushu National University (national security).

From December 2014, serves as a member of the UN Contributions Committee (18 members meet annually for 3-4 weeks in June in NY). Also, from April 2016, serves as an advisor for ASHINAGA (Japanese NGO providing education and support for orphaned students worldwide).


March 1972, BA University of Tokyo Faculty of Law (Public Law); March 1973, BA University of Tokyo Faculty of Law (Political Science); June 1977, Special Diploma in Social Studies from Oxford University (St. Edmund Hall).