Co-founder, IHS International

With over 20 years of experience in international affairs, particularly in Asia, Mr. Midland brings a professional awareness of East Asia — its history, culture, economic, and political structure, inter-governmental relationships, and the experience of negotiating sensitive and tough contracts in the region.

Prior to co-founding IHS International, Mr. Midland was Vice President, Development for Smith Cogeneration, an independent power producer based in Oklahoma City. While there he led the development of power plant projects in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China.

Mr. Midland was previously Manager, International Defense Programs at Sperry-Marine, Inc. While at Sperry-Marine, he was responsible for expanding the Sperry Marine market to developing maritime nations – China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Ukraine, and for the rejuvenating Sperry Marine’s market amongst the most developed countries — Japan, Germany and France.

Mr. Midland served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as Captain. During his naval career, he held significant positions as Executive Assistant to the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic/Commander-in-Chief U.S. Atlantic Command, Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, and as U.S. Naval Attaché to the People’s Republic of China. Mr. Midland led a variety of key international negotiations, which included framing the new defense relationship with the People’s Republic of China and the associated technology transfer during the Reagan Administration; successful negotiations to upgrade command and control networks between the U.S., Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea; re-establishing military links with India and South Africa; and as key staff to national level command during Operation Restore Democracy in Haiti.

Mr. Midland has lived and worked overseas for over ten years, and has traveled extensively to over 80 countries. His Chinese language ability has served him well during his work in Asia.


Mr. Midland received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin (Madison); a Master of Arts in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University; and held a Federal Executive Fellowship in International Affairs at Harvard University.