Lecturer, Meiji University Graduate School

e-mail: Naotoodagiri@gmail.com


Naoto Odagiri is a seasoned banker with over 25 years’ experience working in top-tier international financial institutions, He is well versed in various finance businesses including investment banking, equity and debt analysis, risk management, etc. He appeared on various TV programs on CNBC, Bloomberg and other business channels as a commentator on Japanese business/economy. Additionally he is currently active as a writer on topics ranging from finance and economy to politics to international affairs. In 2012 he published a book (in Japanese) titled, “Europe and US in decline”. He is a regular contributor to Weekly Economist (of Mainichi Newspaper), which is one of the highly regarded business weeklies in Japan. He is a respected businessman with a dependable character, and his expertise and understanding of finance, economy and international affairs is well recognized in Japanese community. He is a graduate of Tokyo University which produces most of high ranking government officials and great many scholars and top businessmen in Japan. This contributes to his good human relationships with a number of leading figures in Japanese community.


Lecturer Meiji University Graduate School (2010 – )
Teaches a finance course (in Japanese) and a business communication course (in English) to MBA students in one of Japan’s major universities.

Regular contributor to Weekly Economist (2014 – )
Writes monthly article on major American and European corporations. Recent articles includes those on Google, Fedex, Amazon, etc.

Head of Business Development BNP Paribas Tokyo (2004 – 2009)
Responsible for strategic planning of the BNP Paribas group in Japan (bank, securities, asset management, etc.), focusing on M&A, alliance, divestiture, etc. Reported directly to, and worked closely with, the country manager. Also, acted as de facto advisor to senior management on various macro issues regarding Japan.

Senior Credit Risk Manager BNP Paribas Tokyo (2002 – 2004)
Responsible primarily for analyzing counterparty risks with major Japanese financial institutions, ie, banks, securities companies, insurance companies, non-bank banks, etc. This assignment was made based on a request from senior management that saw a need to strengthen credit risk management in view of the then deteriorating profile of the Japanese financial banks/system.

Equity Analyst BNP Paribas Tokyo (2000 – 2002)
Stock analyst covering Japanese financial institutions stocks. Wrote analytical reports on the sector/individual banks for the investors. Also wrote articles on Japanese financial sector for financial magazines/newspapers. Comments were frequently quoted by various media including CNBC, Bloomberg, FT, WSJ, etc.

Director, Credit Risk Management Barclays Bank, Tokyo (1998 – 2000)
Managed portfolio of Barclays Tokyo despite the turbulent market conditions in Japan in late 1990s.

Credit Risk Manager Bayerischevereins (Unicredit) Tokyo (1997)

Various positions Bank of America (1982 – 1997)
Worked in loan department, credit department, etc., mostly in Tokyo. Was assigned to investment banking department in Bank of America in New York (1989-1992) and successfully completed a number of US leveraged debt transactions with Japanese investors.


Education : BA from University of Tokyo, Law Department, graduated in 1982
Completed a 4-month training focused on credit and marketing in Bank of America San Francisco in 1986.
Languages: Japanese (native) and English (fluent)
Family: Wife and a son
Hobby: Classical music