President and CEO


Paul Goldstein is a versatile senior executive with vast experience in the international arena, a career traversing diverse industries, and a proven track record in delivering seemingly impossible results. Whether he is providing a comprehensive strategic assessment of the global economy or presenting new strategic trends for business operating in the Middle East and Asia, he consistently has been ahead of the competition. Paul has been instrumental in providing businesses the needed knowledge base for breakthrough successes.

Pacific Tech Bridge [PTB]

Co-founder & President                                        2001 – Present

PTB is a strategic business advisory company with clients in the United States, Japan, China, and United States. It was established as an outgrowth of  years of policy analysis of U.S-Japanese relations in order to provide culturally and geopolitically accurate advice and counsel to executives entering and active in the Asia Pacific market. PTB’s board of advisors.include former U.S. government officials and U.S. investment bank and business executives intimately familiar with U.S. National Security for forty years.

Over the past 17 years Mr. Goldstein maintained relations with Japanese government officials and regularly discussions with senior officials. He has assisted in organizing seminars in Japan and China including, Beijing based China Institute for Contemporary International Studies and Shanghai Institute for International Studies. He is also Senior Vice President for Washington, D.C.area based ISH International, a Pentagon contractor for Net Assessment.

CCR Advisory Group

Managing Director            2016

CCR Advisory Group is a new company established in January 2016. The primary focus is a web based newsletter analyzing China and Japan’s economic performance based on a critical understanding of the operating system of China and Japan. CCR Advisory Group producing in-depth research as part of its special consulting capabilities. Helping Japanese, European and American companies to better grasp the historic changes taking place, not only in the global economy and international financial system, but ongoing regulatory changes in each country and how to best manage outcomes beneficial to these companies.

CCR Advisory Group, headquartered in the Washington, D.C.also has representative offices in Japan and Europe. Its future planning will expand to Russia and China and the newsletter will be translated into Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German and Italian.

Pacific Tech Bridge is the major shareholder of CCR Advisory Group and plans to expand investment opportunities into CCR Advisory Group’s expansion program.

Strategic Renaissance 21

Co-founder & Executive Vice President established in 2011. Chairman of SR 21 is Admiral (retired) Bob Inman, former head of the National Security Agency and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Mr. James Hackett, former Chief Executive Officer of Anadarko Oil Company is Vice Chairman. Phil Midland, former naval intelligence officer is President.

SR 21 is presently engaged in building a special relationship with the Communist Party of China’s elite cadre school called the Central Committee of the CPC Central Party School (CCPS). SR 21 and CCPS have had a three year memorandum of understanding (MOU) from 2012-2015 that is being renewed in July 2016.

SR 21 is a non-profit, non-government and non-partisan institution with the objective of providing policy recommendation to the  U.S., Chinese, and Japanese governments.  It’s unique perspective of building cooperation in areas of the economy and long term strategic understanding is unmatched by other leading think tanks and NGOs.

PTB Clients

Nomura Securities; Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Former Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda’s organization–Japan Solidarity Committee for Asian Alumni Committee (JSAAC; U.S.based Middle East Institute for Peace and Development; Mitsubishi Corporation; China Energy Fund Committee, Pacific Harbor Group/Hong Kong; ISH International(ISHI); Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation; Japan Bank for International Cooperation; and Nippon RAD—software engineering company based in Tokyo; Japan Center for International Finance (JCIF); Limestone Capital Advisors, Austin, Texas;

Contacts: Japan Institute for International Affairs (JIIA); Tokyo-based, Institute for International Policy Studies.

Previous Experience

From 1998 until 2009 he served as Vice President for International Consulting for the New World Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia. Between 2004 and 2009, Mr. Goldstein helped established trilateral meetings between the U.S.-China-Japan. Conferences were held four times, twice in Shanghai, Kanazawa, Japan, Philadelphia, and Charlottesville in the U.S. There were six Trilateral Conferences with U.S., Japanese and Chinese think tanks and government officials to promote energy cooperation and reduce tensions in Northeast Asia. Paul presented a unique analysis of developments in the Middle East at a seminar at the Atlantic Council on December 2001.

He served as a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) based in Philadelphia. In November 2010, FPRI sponsored conference Regional Security in East Asia: Sustaining Stability, Coping with Conflict, Building Cooperation, he presented his views on Japan and regional security.

Paul’s meetings with Chinese officials in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to discuss U.S.-China relations, East Asia and potential trilateral cooperation on climate change between Japan, China, and the U.S.

He provided advice on China’s Energy Security policy and its implications and examined global financial and economic policy questions and their strategic implications and participated in a China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) sponsored conferences in Hong Kong in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Prior to PTB, Mr. Goldstein ran PNG Associates, a strategic consulting service that advised various governments on U.S. policy-making. In this role, he built a network of high level contacts not only in the U.S. governmental and financial institutions but throughout Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. He helped organize a conference in Tokyo during the 1997-1998 “Asian Financial Crisis” and produced a series of reports for Japanese clients on the history and impact of Oil Geopolitics.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s Mr. Goldstein worked with the Executive Intelligence Review, a weekly strategic intelligence magazine, where he traveled extensively around the world analyzing critical political, economy and geopolitical developments. He also worked with U.S. Special Forces and lectured at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Ft. Lewis, Washington on international terrorism and its geopolitical implications.

From 1982 –1984, Paul lived in Weisbaden, Germany where he structured a broad set of counter-terrorist policy initiatives with leading European governments and several financial institutions while working in the intelligence arena. He traveled to North Africa, Asia and throughout Europe. He met with leading French and German intelligence officials and provided analysis of U.S. policy-making during the Reagan administration concerning the Strategic Defense Initiative. .


Indiana State University 1967-1971
Major: history and political science.


Paul is married and has two sons. Michael graduated from the University of Virginia and works in New York as an actor, writer and filmmaker. Daniel graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and was commissioned as a Naval Officer in May 2015. He is presently stationed in San Diego.