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Pacific Tech Bridge offers a wide range of strategic consulting services to an international clientele.

Strategic Consulting

Advising our clients based on our knowledge of global politics, economics and history.  Providing focused research, reports and presentations.

Strategic Investing

Utilizing our experience to evaluate global opportunities. Analyzing investment risks in established and emerging world markets.

Cyber Security

Alerting our clients to current and upcoming security threats.  Gathering intelligence to protect client interests.

Newsletter on China

The CCR Advisory Group publishes a monthly newsletter featuring Chinese policy changes, Chinese economic news and Chinese cultural shifts.

Breaking News and Analysis

China’s Great Digital Leap Forward: Part II

(Editor’s note: The first article in this series discussed the astounding advances which China is making through the application of digital technology – already surpassing the West in certain areas. In this article, we will examine how China’s Party-state operating...

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President Trump’s dilemma after firing FBI Director Comey

President Donald Trump created his own political and legal dilemma. The reports that former FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo about his February meeting with the president creates the real the possibility for obstruction of justice charges. Trump’s impulsive...

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The Virginia School of Political Economy in China: Part III

A CCR Research Study Introduction The following is the third and final part of a report on CCR’s research project into the “Virginia School” of political economy, and its role in China. Part I was published in our February issue; Part II, on the divergence and...

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China’s Great Digital Leap Forward

(Editor’s note: With this article, CCR is initiating a series on China’s digital revolution. The first article will report on the astounding advances which China is making through the application of digital technology – already surpassing the West in certain areas....

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Trump Administration outlook

Economic and geopolitical factors The Trump Administration remains cautious toward the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). No policy decision has been made about U.S. participation, which American corporations encourage in order to pursue business opportunities with...

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Can China and Russia Overcome Central Asia Rivalries?

Originally published on on Dec 15, 2016. The success or failure of China’s ambitious Belt and Road program for Eurasian integration and development may be determined along the Steppes of Central Asia.  From the very outset of President Xi...

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One Belt, One Road: Can China Overcome the Obstacles?

Originially published on Oct 26, 2016 on In September 2013, just six months after his election as President of China and ten months after his election as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping made a tour of Central Asia. ...

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The Syrian Deconfliction Zones: A PTB Assessment

The proposal for the deconfliction zones, being discussed back and forth between the US and Russia, represent a combination of realistic needs and unrealistic expectations, particularly on the part of the US and Turkey. The US and Turkey, each for their own separate...

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The Promise – and Perils – of Populism

By Allan Stam Recent American elections, mirroring those in Europe, have heightened the appeal of and concerns about, populists. From the outsider campaign of former community organizer Barack Obama in 2008 to the Tea Party wave in 2010, to the rejection of the...

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Past Reports

The Hague Ruling – Introduction

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague international court legal decision caught the United States by surprise. The legal ruling’s scope and focus was not fully anticipated by the Obama Administration. In contrast, China’s reaction, especially Xi...

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Brexit Report – Introduction

The bombings in Brussels on Tuesday, March 22nd could have an impact on the up and coming June referendum on Brexit.  PTB’s assessment of the Brussels’ bombings is as such: If the Paris and Brussels terrorist incidents continue to escalate including potential bombings...

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Unfolding Financial Crisis and Glass Steagall – Introduction

The global markets’ turmoil has increased market volatility and potentially causing an uncontrolled financial meltdown. However, at this point in the process, economists at the Federal Reserve Bank and private financial analysts do not foresee the financial contagion...

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Paul Goldstein has over thirty years of experience analyzing world events and forging international business contacts. His understanding of global opportunities has been crucial to Pacific Tech Bridge’s success.


Our business and government connections go back twenty to thirty years – and we understand what is happening today and why.


Pacific Tech Bridge is based in Washington DC and serves business and government clients in the United States, Japan, China and Europe.

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